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Be Carbon Monoxide Aware!                           Get an Alarm fitted for just £25.

Carbon Monoxide is the silent killer that people usually associate with Gas appliancies but Coal, Wood and all other types of solid fuel give off many many more times the amount of Carbon Monoide than Gas appliancies.

   A solid, well maintained chimney is perfect for venting Carbon Monoxide and smoke safely out of your home and into the open air. After all that's exactly what it was designed to do. Even so, for the sake of a few pounds why risk it.  Whenever a new Gas or Solid Fuel appliance is fitted the law states that a Carbon Monoxide Alarm must also be fitted. If you are using Solid Fuel or Gas without such an alarm you are potentially at risk. Just as Smoke Alarms are now present in almost every home so should be Carbon Monoxide Alarms. 

   If you are in any doubt whatsoever about fumes or smoke entering your home then for safety sake get a Carbon Monoxide Alarm fitted. They retail for around £10 on the High Street or save yourself the hassle and  have one fitted by us for just £25. 


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