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Relining Old Chimneys.

As chimneys deteriorate with age and get damaged through Chimney Fires they can start to leak. This is usually detected by smelling smoke in another room such as the bedroom above the fire or a neighbour telling you that he smells smoke whenever you have your fire lit.

Sometimes it goes undetected until your chimney sweep carries out a smoke evacuation test and reports smoke coming out from somewhere it shouldn't, i.e. more than one chimney pot, the stack itself or even from underneath the roof tiles.

A leaking chimney is dangerous! Not only can smoke and Carbon Monoxide enter the property but potentially sparks and burning material can cause fires outside of the chimney itself.

Brushed Up! are agents and installers of Landy Vent Uk's patented "Eldfast" ceramic relining system. HETAS approved and guaranteed against future chimney fires. With a life expectancy of 50 years and a warranty of 25 years Eldfast is the number one product for the relining and strengthening of existing chimneys for open fires.                                                                                                     So if your chimney leaks or has been condemned, if you are renovating an older property you should research the benifits of Eldfast. You can call to discuss the matter or to book a no obligation, free quote. 

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